Boat Services

At Tory's 4 Season Services, we are experienced and knowledgeable with all boat motors.  We have the ability to diagnose and repair problems as they arise during the boating season.  Often times, we try to do the repair on-site to speed up the process and to make it as convenient as possible for the customer.

We also have the capability to help a stranded boat by offering a tow, jump start, or fuel delivery.  Call our Rescue Number at (315) 857-3483 and we will do our best to respond in a timely manner.

Other Boat Services

        We Offer:


* Spring Start-Ups

* Cleaning/Acid Wash

* Oil Changes

* Tune-Ups

* Carburetor Repairs

* Electrical Repairs

* Non-Computer Diagnostics

* Winterizations

* Shrinkwraping

* Storage


Tory's 4 Season Services is also making and installing moorings for your boats, swim rafts, or water trampolines.